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 Alcohol/Substance Abuse

Are you suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction?

Therapy at my office can provide an integrated approach to effectively treat your addiction. The obsessions and compulsions regarding your addiction can be treated with the right help in therapy. I will use treatment planning and individualized means to help with your addiction. I have helped hundreds of people afflicted with alcohol and/or substance related disorders by identifying relapse triggers and how previous attempts to quit may not have worked. Serenity and surrendering to the disease of addiction will help empower you to a new beginning of re-connecting with your loved ones and most of all yourself.

 Mental Health Issues

Is stress becoming unmanageable or extremely difficult? I have expertise to offer for a wide range of mental health disorders from Depression, Bereavement (grief), Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder among many other troubling issues. Therapy begins with a history gathering of your life; following this will be a "here and now" focus of what type of symptoms you are presenting with and how your thinking process may be swayed by the illness. Therapy will focus on cognitive processes that may perpetuate your illness as I can offer you a fresh new look on how to re-direct thinking in a positive and more productive manner. I believe in building a quality therapeutic relationship that recognizes you as a human being as opposed to a "case" or a "patient."

I first offer you an educational component of the disorder and offer you a kind, listening ear with possible suggestions on how to improve your management of life under this/these condition(s). Individualized treatment is how I approach therapy based on YOUR specific needs utilizing proven therapeutic techniques. I believe every human being has the answer within themselves and the motivation to seek therapy is always an excellent first step.

 Marital and Family Counseling

A family is a system in which communication can be strained among the members. Understanding one another and establishing appropriate familial boundaries for family dysfunction is a crucial component for a family system to be healthy. Therapy can often be a great tool for family members to speak about troubling matters in a non-judgmental environment. Marriage can sometimes have complex dynamics in terms of the role each spouse plays in the system and what each partner expects of themselves and from one another. Therapy will begin by assessing the essential breakdowns in communication and how feelings of each other progress over time.

 Dual Diagnosis

The existence of both an Alcohol/Drug addiction combined with a mental health disorder is referred to as a dual diagnosis, also known as co-occurring disorders. Examples include Alcoholism and Depression and Cocaine Addiction and Generalized Anxiety disorder. Therapy will focus on devising treatment plans, assessing the severity of each section of the problem and therapeutic exercises to help you realize that there is hope. Seeking help is the first step.

 Ancillary Services

  • Psychiatrist (medication) referrals
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Substance abuse assessments
  • DUI assessments
  • Legal referrals

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